Task and finito… my arse

Apparently, John Beaumont, the Sloven governor who made the deeply inappropriate and offensive comments about LB became a governor in Feb 2016 so wasn’t in place when I sent the letter to the governors in January.  My mum emailed the Council of Governors later that month too. I assume John Beaumont didn’t see her email either*.


Apparently the governors set up a ‘task and finish’ group [I know] to draft a response to letters from ‘complainants’ received in January. The proposed draft reply by Mark Aspinall was shot down in flames by a certain, er, John Beaumont, at the April governors meeting. You can hear him here [at 2hrs 29 mins though it’s worth listening beyond his apoplexy to hear some sense from John Green for the following few minutes]. [So blinking rare].

Mark mentions this dispute in his letter of resignation as a governor a week or so later:



I eventually received a reply on behalf of the Council of Governors in May 2016. Yes. May. A terrible reply that says crap all. Ongoing enquiries apparently… Of course.

My mum just received acknowledgement that her email was circulated to the governors. But what does she matter?

*Communication between the Sloven board and governors is a little bit, shall we say flakey? Arthur Monks, another governor, was told a copy of the Holder report was available at Sloven headquarters (an 80 mile round trip) when he asked for a copy.

9 thoughts on “Task and finito… my arse

  1. I listened from 2.29 and I was shocked at the complacency of several of the governors. They seemed much more concerned with protecting the status quo than actually listening to families,or even risking being a position where they could. They even ignored John Green’s sensible words. John Beaumont seems to be a complete joke – a Hooray Henry oscillating between dismissing what he didn’t want to hear and saying marvellous every few minutes about the management. Another revelation was the contribution of the member of the public at the end, the rustling of papers whilst he was speaking and learning that management had left the building rather than listening to him. This is an organisation in the bunker, seeing everything or everyone from which/whom they could learn as an obstruction rather than a source. They are in denial not in learning mode. I’m not surprised that Mark resigned soon after. As a collective, these governors aren’t doing their job:
    “the overriding role of the council of governors is to hold the non-executive directors, individually and collectively, to account for the performance of the board of directors and to represent the interests of foundation trust members and of the public.” https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/284473/Governors_guide_August_2013_UPDATED_NOV_13.pdf
    Are they holding the board accountable and entering into the dialogue with the public that will help them represent their interest? I don’t think so.

    • francesbell – I am the member of the public who you heard noting that the management had left the building rather than listening to him. I have also spent much of the last two weeks helping a vulnerable patient. And what do I get for my troubles – a letter from the Chairman threatening legal action – a letter that also included dishonest statements about my own case! Oh! And the vulnerable person was threatened by Sloven with legal action for harassment – when he was just trying to get help – and for defamation. He used words similar to a statement published a few weeks ago in The Daily Echo – but they didn’t threaten to sue the newspaper!

  2. From what I know of University Governors and Governors in general, they are appointed by the corporation/trust they govern, so obviously huge conflict of interests, as they are not going to be appointed, unless thought a safe pair of hands.

    So effectively its our money, our public service but we have no control over it and it is not accountable to us.

    And it appears huge payments for apparently doing what ? for the boys.

    Nice worker if you can get it………

    • I agree about the ‘safe pair of hands’ aspect – that came over loud and clear with John Beaumont on the recording. In the link I posted with my previous comment the gudiance says these governors are unpaid. I don’t know about expenses or other payments though.

      • I’d check out what companies they run, and/or their full time employment and previous employment to see if connected to NHS services or to other members of board. We also have secret societies not just the masons but common purpose UK.

  3. Finolamoss – I have checked them out – some (especially the Lead Governor) does have conflicts of interest in business; others have relatives in care so are too frit to speak out; and those governors who do want to make changes allegedly get threatened with removal.

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