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Here’s the gig. I get to work this morning and receive an email from the Director of Adult Services, Oxfordshire County Council (OCC). It turns out they commissioned an independent review into LB’s death last year. And, for some reason, he’s decided to send it to us today.


The email ends: As you know this report was undertaken and will be shared as part of a confidential investigation.  I would ask you to respect the confidential status of the report.  If you need to share the contents to third parties (other than your immediate family) then you should seek our written confirmation.


It turns out they handed over LB’s health and social care records, without our knowledge, to a social care consultant.

He then interviewed various people, including LB’s teacher, before writing a report so riddled with inaccuracies and bias (the usual we did great, mum is unreliable/flaky rubbish) you might as well chuck it in the nearest skip. But then of course they won’t. It has already been shared with Verita and it will be given to the coroner among other people.

I can’t describe really what it’s like to find out that an independent review has been conducted into your dead son’s care without you knowing. Surely that’s the baseline of respect? That it details things like your kids’ dates of birth, and includes stuff like “SR cancelled the meeting”, when I didn’t, or “SR advised to contact the respite centre at Saxon Way. The records show that SR did not take up the offer”, when I did, but omits things like mentioning that the staff member who suddenly upped her game on the communication front did so because she was under supervision after we’d complained about the service.

Typical OCC slippery shite.

I spoke to the Deputy Director this afternoon who first denied sharing records despite the report stating: “Methodology: I have reviewed all the records held by the local authority for both Children’s and Adult’s Services…I have also reviewed copies of the Health Service RIO notes from 11 Jan to 19 March 2013 for the psychology and psychiatry service…””) and then suggested the reviewer was internal at that point because they were paying him. Astonishing. Howl inducing. How can people say and do such hideous things? He died.

By the way, OCC (and Sloven), if your strategy is to grind us down until we either slope off in despair or are destroyed, this was a cracking move.

Are you allowed to conduct an independent review of “the support that had been offered to LB and his family” without informing us?

Are you allowed to share LB’s notes with an external person without our permission?

What happens now an inaccurate report is being circulated?

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  1. See……this is how they work together. I have often thought it is almost conspiratorial…then think, am I paranoid ?. But no it is them in fine “backs against the wall” mode.

    • This is appalling. I do hope you are able to append your own corrections of the inaccuracies and biased assumptions and insist that they are read in conjunction. How-bloody-dare they treat families like this!

      On the odd occasions when I have seen these kind of records, they are frequently so badly kept and inaccurate – more to do with the mind set of the person who wrote them than any kind of objective record.

  2. It beggars belief that they can tell you not to share the report when they have happily shared LB’s personal records. It’s unreal that they can include so many mistakes/inaccuracies/lies and not be challenged. And it’s beyond bonkers that so many public bodies have so much power with so little accountability. When it dawned on me, during some of our battles, that I was being forced to deal with people who are downright incompetent, it was a very depressing day. Don’t slope off anywhere, Sara…they cannot hide forever.

  3. Oh Sara … Just when you think things can’t get any worse .. This happens . I’m at a loss for words except that this is unacceptable . Will someone stop
    this mistreatment of LB’s poor family now . Enough is enough please let justice prevail . I’m so sorry . Rest in Peace Connor .

  4. Puzzled as to who they were actually investigating – OCC, you, LB?
    Who decided who the investigator should be?
    When Veritas investigated STATT, you were able to see the report before publication. How can thus one be published and circulated without you being able to check for accuracy?
    How can they circulate a report about LB and your family without asking your permission?
    Why are they suddenly sending it to you now (belated legal advice?)
    Do any of them have any idea how to do their jobs?
    Do they have any idea how to behave decently?
    I could go on……

    Atrocious, outrageous behaviour

  5. This is he standard modus, of the State/LA /NHS, truth is irrelevant, all is geared to one end result, that is wanted/needed.

    It is the same with the evidence- statements and assessments prepared for the Care Courts, and Court of Protection.

    Even if you complaint, and demand the inaccuracies/lies/spin gathered in secret are changed, they are not, and repeated again.

    All is just a jobs for the boys exercise, the many members of the cabal are being paid, in obtaining/giving the evidence commissioned.

  6. seems that they want it both ways either report writer is employed by them so not independent or not employed by them so information given to a third party. In any case they choose the consultant without consultation, gave them access to information without consultation and from the sound of it did not give permission for family and friends to be contacted or consulted. Whatever the employment status of the consultant though the report writers independence is at best questionable. Brings to mind the saying he who pays the piper calls the tune.

    As for the handling of personal data the information commissioner’s office might be worth a call or even the CQC. I am not sure what the rules are re coroners courts but there are rules concerning the disclosure of evidence in courts so would be worth checking.

    Then to copy this report to you without warning by email with the insult of requiring you obtain their written permission to share its contents (which from what you have written includes any legal advisor’s) some months after it was written well words fail me. If they are presenting the report as evidence knowing that it contains ‘incorrect information’ (polite version) then they may face charges if discovered.

    With all of this ducking and diving they are doing an ‘independent’ observer might think they have something to hide.

  7. This practice of producing inaccurate reports in such a way as they can’t be challenged now seems to be a standard ploy when public services are challenged by users.
    No dirty trick left unused 😦

    • George Orwell’s 1984 seems to be becoming more of a reality than fiction in this country of ours.

      Why do we allow LA’s and NHS employees to get away with blatant lies and half truths in reports written about us. Written in such a way that it absolves them from any accountability.

      All this bullying to make you keep your mouth shut Sara sounds so famillar.
      They are so scared of you Sara. Scared of your supporters, scared of your knowledge and scared that you can see through their petty schemes to discredit you. The pain of all this must be draining, but the truth will out. It normally always does.

  8. this is appalling,the knowledge an inaccurate report is being circulated is added torture.It will take you months to have amendments agreed to and records changed. A record that is wholly inaccurate will go through the process of being a probable erroneous entry until finally it can be admitted to as entirely without foundation, and it will be amended. Challenge every last inaccuracy. I sincerely believe there is intended cruelty in not keeping parents informed and in not being sensitive to our hurt when personal data is shared. It is a tactic of pure aggression, delivered by email. The intention is to blind side you.

  9. What is there to review or investigate? LB was in the care of STATT, they chose to ignore or not bother with details of him that family and school desperately tried to share with them so they, the supposed experts in mental health of adults with LD, could help him get better, and then in their ignorance or negligence, or both, left him on his own in the bath to die…..Those are the facts and what preceded his admission has no bearing on what they did and the outcome. Lessons to be learned? Listen to those who know that person, act responsibly and with common sense and when you f**k up big time or small mistakes, hold your hands up and carry the can. Stop hiding behind bureaucracy and procedures.

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  11. I am shocked beyond belief Sara. Just hope you will keep up the good fight until truth and justice prevail. Don’t give up, please

  12. Jesus.
    I know how enraging it is to get a report composed of spin and lies, in which things are made up, or talked up and you are presented as some sort of neurotic who, inexplicably, has turned down a cornucopia of support. I used to read reports about my son’s care and reel . Good Heavens, had they really offered me the moon on a stick for my disabled kid and had I really been unable to see how fab was the offer?
    Turning down something clearly unsuitable for your child’s situation paints you as a refusenik, having to change an appointment is presented as a no show, etc etc.
    And this is about your poor son’s death.
    This person has been handed all the records has made free use of them and has come up with an opinion which from what you say minimises the horror of LB dying under their care portrays you in a negative way and makes them look terrific.
    The letter confidently states that you know all about the investigation being farmed out, and that is their line. You haven’t been given the opportunity to comment on this review and to have your comments noted so this is what will be circulated. To the World.Unless it is your copy. Then you are asked to keep it confidential.
    I am so sorry you have been landed with this. Courage! There is a circle of Hell for this lot, in which they will be made to eat their own horrible reports for all eternity.
    Justice for LB.

  13. I remain lost for words Sara, it just gets worse, beyond belief!
    . As you unpeel this mess layer by layer your truth holds up a ‘mirror’ that presents a huge challenge to these organisations and demonstrates their inability to do the right thing- absolute incompetence!
    sending big hug, Px

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  15. Posted a reply earlier but it has not shown up:(
    Briefly I have been there too, lies deceit etc. totally unbelievable – thankfully I managed to channel the negativity into Fair Trade:) You are channelling yours to be an Agent for Change! With you 100% do call me – Eve 07896298919 – As Margaret Mead said: it only takes a handful of committed citizens to bring about the change that is needed! I am sure there are thousands of us out there.

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  17. Dear Sara, I am lost for words. Everyone above has said many of the things that I might have said and more. The way that you and your family have been treated is just beyond awful. You are amazing and the love for your beautiful boy shines out and is far stronger than any of their lies can ever be. We are all right here, supporting you as best we can xxx

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