Meeting Tyrone

I bumped into Tyrone this morning in Cornmarket. Tyrone is a couple of years older than LB and is member of My Life My Choice. He was going to catch the no. 6 bus to Wolvercote to the day centre (that used to be near Sainsburys in Cowley).

“What do you do at the day centre, Tyrone?”
“Snooker. Play on the Wii if it’s out. Or just chill.”
“I can remember taking LB to Parasol there.”
“Yeah. I used to go to Parasol but I gave it up because I got too old. LB would be too old to go to Parasol now.”

We stood at the traffic lights by Debenhams. My bus was waiting. After vague indecision I sort of coaxed Tyrone across the road alongside me despite the red light.

“Sorry Tyrone, I always tell my kids they gotta wait for the green man…” I said once on the safe side.

“Don’t worry,” replied Tyrone. “I do that if my bus is there.”

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