Farcical inaccuracies

It turns out that now OCC have published this report without our knowledge, and shared it with at least one external organisation, I’m expected to go through all 21 pages and highlight the factual inaccuracies contained within it. [Warning: the report apparently took 8 months to publish because the new Deputy Director of Social Care wanted it to be as “robust as possible” and “added quality assurance”. Hard hat time for those who need services in Oxon.]

Can you imagine wading through old emails from a time when your son was still alive [he died?] to correct a report you didn’t know was being written? In your own time? Serious brain melt. How much was matey boy paid to write this rubbish I wonder.

Deep breath.

(I don’t think OCC can seriously expect me to keep this confidential in the circumstances). The report is so biased it’s almost comedic. Definitive statements about my ‘failings’ (without evidence) throughout but light touch on OCC on any dodgy ground. Here’s just one example around the issue of respite.

crap report 3


Not quite what happened. As the email exchange below demonstrates. I waited in all day for the three of them to turn up. The care manager eventually called to say she wouldn’t be able to come round after all. She’d run out of time. Bit of a shocker really in the circumstances. And one of those things that didn’t ‘appear in the records’. During that call she described the respite centre as a building with a snooker table and made it a completely unappealing option.

crap report2

More mysterious reporting about respite here:


In contrast, from my blog, 18 March 2013:

crap 1

And from March 19th…


How can the records possibly show “I did not take up the offer”? The records are incomplete. This incompleteness is a failing on the part of OCC but instead leads to this conclusion:

crap report 2

Ah. It was all my fault. Trial by a ridiculous, crap and biased report. Three “in my views’ in this particular conclusion. How can you possibly have a view that excludes us from the process and relies on partial record keeping?

I’ll leave you with one more nonsensical snippet while I crawl off and wonder what the hell is going on.

crap report1

It was LB’s fault too.

Postscript: It would not be possible to rebut a lot of this stuff without having documented the experience on the pages of this blog. So important to keep detailed notes. And so blinking wrong.

16 thoughts on “Farcical inaccuracies

  1. It`s the usual trial by kangaroo court stuff that these people come out with when all else fails. Tacky, nasty and downright unprofessional… cue the theme tune…Skippy…..Skippy..

  2. 3 “in my view” s. Seems the report writer attended the same exclusive training school as KP!
    Shame 8 months of their efforts didn’t produce an accurate report. That training school obviously doesn’t encourage trainees to accurately document and record their activities. Good job you did Sara, you’re going to need a lot of red ink!

  3. Bill them. Hit them back as hard as you can where it’s going to hurt them most: in the pocket and the reputation.

    ‘To scrutiny for inaccuracies of OCC report on interaction with CS and family; and to documentation of said manifold inaccuracies: n hours x £ xxx
    To tracing and collation of documentary evidence to prove inaccuracies: n1 hours x , £ xxxx
    To provision of hard copies of said documentary evidence: n2 sheets @15p per sheet, £ xx
    TOTAL £ xxxx

    Small print: Copyright in all documentation originated by Dr. S. Ryan is asserted by and remains with Dr. S. Ryan. No such copyrighted documentation may be copied or circulated without the express permission of Dr. S. Ryan with regard to each individual to whom the documentation is proposed to be copied or circulated and a further fee may be levied and shall then be payable for each copy made and for each further circulation.

    Payment of this invoice shall not discharge OCC, its elected members, its officers or its consultants involved in the production and circulation of the original OCC report, from any liability arising therefrom in respect of inaccuracies or libels contained therein, howsoever arising and by whomever stated, or preclude future action against them for such libellous inaccuracies.’

  4. Here here Kara2008! In addition to the cost of additional undue stress caused by farcical review/reporting procedures!
    Sara loads of love and hugs. They’ve met their match x1000 with your strength, courage and perseverance and they must know that. You are awesome. xx

    • When #JusticeforLB really gets started on them, I think that they are going to feel the need to do a lot more paperwork that’s not for public viewing.
      I have a delightful vision of them frantically stocking up on loo-roll in anticipation of it……. but then again, they probably don’t have the sense and will once more be caught short.

      • But sooner or later it is going to dawn on those responsible that in trying to crap on you from a great height, they have crapped all over themselves. Then the shit will hit their fan … or in OCC’s case, given how far behind the curve and the times they are, the midden will hit the windmill.

  5. What you have experienced is ‘hell on earth’ – well done for exposing this! Totally understand your frustration and total unbelief! I too have been there, seen it and done it and SURVIVED:)
    No point in writing a book because only people that have lived through this nightmare would read it – those creating the problem will sadly be in the system for eternity and won’t read it!
    Get in touch by email or call me on 07896298919 – you are not alone:) Eve

  6. About 5 years ago an anonymous barrister gave me some free advice after kindly reading my evidence, by my record keeping from incidents with Sloven and OCC . Almost everything about me and my son was wholly inaccurate from both Sloven and OCC “records” etc…dating back to 2001. Everything that could go wrong as a result has because of these inaccuracies, with their joint efforts resulting in failure big time for both my son and myself. I was struggling to be recognised as my son`s mother and representative, and my money for paying legal fees had run out. The barristers advice – or wise words if you like, was this – ” give them enough rope and they will eventually hang themselves.” So basically don’t worry, it will all catch up with them in the end, I am banking on it.

  7. can you do it, without your going for it now those inaccuracies will be carved in stone. I have just had a significant amendment agreed but it is five months too late to be of any use, the damage is done, the end of the road reached. In no way should you be required to, of course not, but you must. Please hang in there one sentence at a time, challenge it all. Erroneous entries will be deemed accurate unless challenged as soon as you are aware of them . Take advice on public domain/confidential release, don’t let them silence you by the back door.

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