It ain’t what you do…

Sad times in the Justice shed. The light, freshness and candour anticipated by Tim Smart’s appointment by NHS Improvement has been akin to the unleashing of a new Grange Hill bullyboy in the Sloven hood. Threats of legal action against governors and ropey engagement with patients and families at the board meeting so far. Sigh.

The latest failing (inviting bereaved families to take part in a flim flam study without ethical consideration or thought) is another example of a leadership who know nothing about leadership. I had a long convo about the ‘study’ with Flash Gordon, Chief Operating Officer, Director of Performance, Quality and Safety and short straw drawer when it comes to talking to irate people late on a Friday afternoon before a bank holiday weekend.  He was as slippery as a slippery thing insisting it wasn’t “research” just talking to a few families. Brain melt. He eventually agreed to put it through their ethics process.

We, like so many others, remain baffled that the CEO and a chunk of the Sloven board haven’t resigned or been removed given everything that’s unfolded. There couldn’t be a clearer evidence trail of repeated failures over years. Of harrowing disrespect, contempt and disregard for human life.

And still nothing…

A short film recirculated on twitter yesterday. Around what ‘makes a top CEO’. Starring Mike Richards, Chief Inspector of Hospitals, CQC, the then CEO of Monitor, David Bennett and, er, Katrina Percy. Yes. Really. This was published online in December 2015, shortly before publication of the Mazars review. Truly extraordinary. But points to the secure position the Sloven CEO holds. The CQC and I’m sure Monitor were very aware of the content of the Mazars review by late summer 2015. You would think, given the scandalous content of that report, the Sloven CEO would not have been selected to talk about the qualities of a ‘top CEO’.


Back in February 2016 a report was published by The independent Commission on Acute Adult Psychiatric Care, led by Lord Nigel Crisp. This report included recognition of Sloven’s mental health work. Eh??  Recognition of good work?  Sloven were, of course, quick to put this on their news pages:

Southern Health’s development of “care navigators” and involvement of patients with mental health needs and carers in decisions about their care have been highlighted by Lord Nigel Crisp, former Chief Executive of the NHS.

Given the latest (May 16) in a relentless series of critical inquest determinations  around failings in mental health provision, it seems that Crisp was listening to the Sloven talk rather than seeing evidence of the walk. Always a mistake with this bunch. The patient who spoke powerfully at the rebel governor meeting a week or so ago was not receiving anything remotely approaching good care and clearly hadn’t seen whiff of a ‘care navigator’. And the recent CQC inspection clearly identifies sustained failings in care.

Again, odd that Sloven was highlighted in the report. Surely Crisp had heard of the Mazars review and knew there were serious question marks around the care provided to mental health patients?


Turns out he works with Katrina Percy’s dad though.

6 thoughts on “It ain’t what you do…

  1. What is a “study” and why does it need an ‘independent’ researcher if it is not research! Mad! Can Mr Charisma really be a slippery as Lesley Stevens, who gained the title in 2012.

  2. In the bad old day when maidens swooned, mill owners cut starving workers wages for getting ‘uppity’. It was called the ”trouble ‘at mill”, leadership model.

    • They’re not winning in credibility.
      These are serious conflicts of interest if a former Chief Exec of NHS works closely with this CEO’s father.
      CQC should also explain why they invite this CEO when there are so many CEOs to choose from.
      It’s as though we need monitors of monitors, while more precious time is wasted – it seems to become more shameless.

      This should become a question for the House of Lords, I think. Or how about Amnesty International even?

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