Rebel engagement


People, patients, self advocates, families, picnics. A crowd sourced room (after Tim Smart pulled the plug on the extraordinary board meeting with a threat of legal action).

An opportunity for the Council of Governors to meet the public and listen. They all had the date in their diaries after all…

Peter Bell, Arthur Monk, John Green and Richard Mandunya we salute you.


8 thoughts on “Rebel engagement

  1. Hear, hear – I’ve named them the ‘Fab Four’ (or should that be the ‘Fab Five’ with the Sloven whistle-blower who showed up) – resigned last week having read the riot act for speaking out too much.

  2. Dear Tim Smart

    You can view yesterdays extraordinary meeting in two ways. and:

    1. see the 4 governors as dangerous radicals, who don’t understand the NHS executive protocols on not straying outside the party line. Doing what they are told?

    2. or as the only 4 people who have courage and integrity as well as all the other strengths they bring to this role. People who know that these families have suffered long enough. Decent long suffering victims of our NHS, that protects a culture that stifles openness and honesty while pretending to support and value the people who speak out.

    For far too long in Public Service ‘our team’ has been the customer.

    Whether it be a profession protecting it’s own, as in the nursing profession in the case of Beverley Allott who harmed and killed babies. Or the police as in Hillsborough.

    ….or in the NHS: where people are too tame or too afraid to challenge the failing executives and non executives who buy in costly lawyers to silence truth. While their most vulnerable patients die avoidably and excellent staff beg in vain for leadership and support.

    Tim, you have a choice….. go with the tame ones and retain the status quo of pretending to value integrity.

    Or seek more like the four who stood for it yesterday

  3. It seems to me that ‘damage limitation’ exercises swing smoothly into action yet when an actual ‘clean up’ is needed everyone looks like startled rabbits in the headlights. Most revealing of cover-up culture.

  4. Links to all BBC, ITV and Hampshire newspaper reports from yesterday already received by the Assistant Director, Mental Health at the Department of Health.

  5. Harmony & Shambles: Front page of ‘Daily Echo’ yesterday:
    Large photo with large caption : Perfect Harmony (photo of new cruise liner).
    Headline below: HEALTH TRUST ‘A SHAMBLES’

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