Photos, postcards and a meeting postponed


We found some old photos yesterday. And a postcard LB sent to Stan in 2008. Tears, chuckles and family banter. The postcard is addressed to Stanley McRogers, LB’s name for Chunky Stan. And pretty vague address details. How the hell did it get here?

image (29)

We decided it probably arrived because of the wonderful, intuitive work of a postman we had for several years. A postman who collected Marilyn Monroe memorabilia.

Tonight we found out the extraordinary governors meeting organised for 17.5.16 with a controversial agenda has been postponed. The official statement from Tim Smart, the recently board chair appointed by NHS Improvement, states:

smart shiteYou’d think a trouble shooting NHS Improvement appointed (interim) chair has sufficient understanding of the legal ramifications of proposed actions, or easy access to advice from NHS Improvement, to make authoritative decisions… But no. The flakiness of not only Sloven but the broader bodies around them once again laid bare. And yet more delay.

An hour ago I tweeted:


It’s nearly 1am.

Sloven leading, as always, with actions that make fuck all difference to patient care…. They can’t sign off an epilepsy bathing protocol until nearly three years after LB died but they can change a typo on a news release after a tweet, late on a Saturday night.

Where is the human?

17 thoughts on “Photos, postcards and a meeting postponed

  1. This remains a very weird position to have occurred. The motions put forward are no more than expressions of opinion by the Council of Governors should they be adopted. They have no legal authority to be enacted upon. The argument that they wouldn’t be “legally robust” is true. They are just opinions.

    Therefore the idea that an opinion can be judicially reviewed is nonsense. This is blatant opportunism to grab at any fig leaf going to silence criticism.

    The question for the Sloven governors is whether they are happy to be gagged in such a manner?

    • Not all governors are happy to be gagged – some are furious. Had an email from one this morning: “As far as I am concerned only the CoG itself has the power to adjourn the meeting and so as far as I and a number of other governors are concerned the meeting is still on.” There is one resolution that is potentially legally binding (if passed) but is not legally robust – the resolution to exclude the public and media. Sloven is in a state of civil war and close to mutiny.

  2. Where is the human?????? When it involves our vulnerable sons and daughters, it is non-existant. Regard them as non human, and no one is accountable. Didn’t we all learn this with the concentration camps? But the Mental Capacity Act has legalised this, take away capacity and you have a nonentity, not a human. And make sure you deprive them of their liberty, with no recourse to the law.

    • Yes, DoLS (deprivation of liberty) are only safeguards if discussed properly with the person, or family if the person can’t speak. They were meant to be least restrictive, and the person should be given as much of an opportunity as possible. That’s what I learned as an IMCA.
      There should be as much freedom as possible (normality in other words), ideally only restricted in minimal ways.
      But staff who don’t have commitment to the person or aren’t fully monitored (people who don’t love the person), will often manipulate it. I have come across good staff, but also many who don’t care, are only in it for the money (care work is easy money if you sit around watching television or chatting) and will say ‘we’re not taking someone out because they made a sound’.
      Proper Positive Behaviour Support should be pivotal but few practice it as it should be, so it becomes synonymous with behaviour modification.
      I think the word ‘behaviour’ itself is a big problem, as care workers and others in services prefer to interpret it as ‘bad behaviour’ and are not intelligent enough to understand what care should be about, or actually care anyway. The psychologists are nowhere to be seen, except at conferences and away days and plentiful holidays. I apologise to the good psychologists reading this!
      I’m not insulting anyone’s intelligence either, as the DoLS is often just abusive.

      The postcard shows a life with a wild imagination who knew he was loved, forever missed – just as mine is loved but living a non-life.

      • Yes, MCA provides, as an overarching principle in s1, that any orders including DOLs, must be as restrictive of a person’s rights, and status quo as possible.

        And, in addition under the Act, and upheld by recent decisions, s4 provides that the wishes of the incapacitated, should, if at all possible be given effect to.

        Clearly, the law is being ignored, to allow ‘efficient’ management for maximum management bureaucracy , and, the profit to pay for it, and sustain the empire.

      • Thank you for the above FF2016 you have spoken for me. It is exactly what I think. Well written and from the heart.

      • Exactly FF2016. My sentiments too. I also apologize to the good people in the care system too. They know who they are.

        As for Sloven’s sleazy behaviour, they are just running scared.

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  4. This just shows, the excruciating level of self preservation, imbibed into our public services from those who purport to regulate them.

    There is no regulation of public services, but, there will be even less, if that is possible, if/when, these services are provided, on a commercial, for private profit basis.

  5. Nic – It’s not just legal advisors (Sue, Grabbit and Run?), its also two specialist consulting firms Niche and Grant Thornton to provide “expert external assurance” on the Trust’s action plan – another firewall.
    This begs the question – if the Chairman lacks so much confidence in the executive directors carrying the Trust’s action plans adequately that he needs “expert external assurance” as a firewall , clearly he has no confidence that they are fit and proper persons for the job so why does he not spend the money on a top Employment Law lawyer and get rid now!
    You can see more on this and the ‘Fawlty Towers’ type activity over the weekend at

  6. Weary mother – you’re bang on and it doesn’t need more deaths: at a ‘Bored’ Meeting on 26 January 2016, Chairman, Mike Petter took this question:

    “Does the Chairman have a zero-tolerance policy towards breaches of the law and dishonesty? When there is prima facie evidence of such conduct, which arguably is corrupt, will he suspend any officials pending a full disciplinary inquiry?”

    Mike answered:
    ◾Unequivocally “YES” to breaches of the law.
    ◾“We have different ideas on what constituted dishonesty.”

    The latter is fair comment – there is deliberate dishonesty and there are circumstances when professionals (as a result of their professed expertise) should know they are being dishonest, i.e. the ‘know or should have known’ test for negligence established in Bolam v Friern Hospital Management Committee [1957] 2 All ER 118.

    Sara Ryan and I could provide prima facie proof of breaches of the law and dishonesty by Katrina Percy and Dr Lesley Stevens. Six weeks? Mr Smart could do it in one day if he cared to meet Sara and I for a couple of hours. If Mr Smart does not turn up tomorrow, I will (with Sara’s consent) send him an Open Letter requesting a meeting.

    Then, Mr Smart, just implement Mike’s promises (recorded in Meeting Minutes) – job done!

  7. Surely not…..or,

    could what may be going on that needs 6 weeks is that if people are found to be incompetent – or who may have been well below required capability on appointment, are dealing on grounds of..’not me boss,’ .”none of it is my fault for l did my best..’ (the dog ate my homework’ excuse) or it ‘was your dodgy recruitment process caused me all this stress ‘…….eg ”’ who appointed me/us in the first place”…………kind of thing.

    6 weeks to agree a deal with no blame or responsibility. Cash severance, full pay if suspended and full pensions and all bonus earned and a clean CV ready by for a gentle move to do it all over again some where else..,,,,?

    Surely not?

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