Cameron’s wave and Smart evidence


We’re having the bath replaced with a shower downstairs. In the garage that was converted into a bedroom/en suite jobby over 10 years ago with LB in mind. The bath that had the bath bell[Howl]. I’ve not had a bath in nearly three years now so it made sense. It’s a small space needing a tiny sink. Not easy to find. Eurgh.

I ended up back online at the Bathstore earlier and a box popped up asking if I wanted help from someone. Yep. Thank you. Cameron appeared in the top right hand corner of the screen. Wearing a set of headphones and a type box under his pic. We started messaging about tiny sinks. So blinking exciting.

I shouted to Rich:

Hey I’m actually having a chat with a guy from the Bathstore…!

It’s not real.

Yep, he’s here with headphones on.

Yeah, but he’s not a real person.

He bloody is. Come and see…

[When Rich came in, the real Cameron was briefly replaced with a photo of possibly Cameron, while he searched for tiny sinks…]

It’s not real.

There he is look, he’s been looking for stuff.

He’s not live.

He is. Look! He looks down when he types….

He’s not really there FFS!!!


bathstoreCameron waved. We laughed. He didn’t have any small sinks.

We’ve been a bit anxious since the meeting on Tuesday with Tim Smart, interim Sloven chair.  Rich’s blanket dismissal of Cameron reminded me of Smart’s dismissal of the Mazars review as ‘wrong’. Someone (NHS Improvement, NHS England? Jezza Hunt?…) seriously needs to make sure Smart is given the opportunity to ‘see the Mazars wave’. And for him to be prepared to accept, or at least engage with, the evidence shown.


Postscript: Perhaps unconnected, Rich returned to twitter this afternoon and sent his second tweet in five years. Quality rather than quantity he says.

3 thoughts on “Cameron’s wave and Smart evidence

  1. SMART by NAME only??
    The acronym from SMART is :Specific,Realistic,Achievable,Realistic, Time bound With (er) SMARTER (standing for when evaluation and review should be carried out for continuous improvement BUT ONLY when rest of SMART is achieved otherwise one will be evaluating fundamentally flawed info (sounds familiar?) So does SMART think SMARTer or does he not! I’m afraid its probably the latter!

  2. I watched the Westminster debate from start to finish.
    So many of us, for so long have suffered all that described and admitted by people who have shut their eyes for so long.

    Watched the whole debate yesterday. I wept with hope.

    So many of us have fought so bloody hard for justice for our sons and daughters and have all been treated as brutally Sara and her family has……. just for seeking justice. Many of us battle on, like Sara, now.

    My son is an actor with a group composed of people with learning disabilities. With tears running down my face I watched him when they performed a play about the first world war. My son was the only soldier from that village to come home. In his tattered uniform he came slowly down the aisle in church, last post playing quietly. He leaned heavily on stick, (as he now does from damage done to him in real life) his head bandaged and bloody. At front the widows wait with his wife, who moves towards him in beautiful and moving joy.
    In the background slowly and in time to the gently played last post, a row of our dead boys walk in line, eyes bandaged and unseeing, comrades all. Arm stretched out, hand on comrades shoulder.

    I wept. So many, so many…so bloody many.

    Harm is done to our boys and our girls and like those widows, we are grateful if they just come home.

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