Candour, what candour and the Camino training

Back in March 2016, the Sloven CEO included this section in her report to the board.


Today this family received the response to the complaint they made about their treatment by Sloven, and Chris Gordon. There was no ‘contact with the family throughout this very difficult period‘. Instead, Sloven, true to form, continue to make something so agonisingly painful, nightmarish and brutal, even worse.

Just a few lowlights from the report:

  • The complaint was investigated by Capsticks who regularly work with Sloven and other NHS trusts.
  • Complaints about inappropriate comments made by Chris Gordon were dismissed because he said he didn’t make them.
  • The investigators couldn’t read board meeting notes relating to the death of this person because discussions were during the ‘private’ part of the meeting.
  • The delay of two months between Tim Smart receiving this report and the family receiving it today was because it was with Chris Gordon for reviewing. [Even though the complaint was in part about him and despite his current secondment to NHS Improvement.]

Candour and transparency clearly ain’t reached the southern regions yet. And another family left complaining about complaint handling and facing the dire Ombudsman route.

It shouldn’t be like this.

In more cheerful news, the #JusticeforLB cardboard bus has been expertly revamped by LB’s grandad and the My Life My Choice trustees began training for the #CaminoLB today.



This film of their first walk is blooming brilliant. Keeping it real, funny, passionate and determined.

In search of rights and colour…

We must be getting closer. Surely.

4 thoughts on “Candour, what candour and the Camino training

  1. right on the heels of rights and colour and travelling in polite society please remember ( ” tipping it down” , the best training video ever ) The bubbling cauldron of awfulness that is Southern Health’s failings is going to be tended by people whose job is it to do so and no SH legal adviser is going to be deciding in future that ‘ public interest favours non disclosure ‘ . Camino = long overdue joy

  2. Don’t want to get too excited but there is a very slight glimmer of hope following Not-so Smart’s departure. Last Friday, the Interim CEO and colleagues met Healthwatch Hampshire, bereaved families and a governor. They undertook to hold individual meetings with those present and to hold a second meeting with the group. Already, they have sent invitations for the individual meetings; have enacted one of our suggestions; and are looking seriously at others.

    We’ve all been kicked in the guts, after having our hopes raised falsely, for several years, so this post comes with a serious health warning!! There will of course be a backlog of bad news too – for example there will shortly be another Inquest, which will reflect badly, … and of course the story on this blog post.

  3. The film of the MLMC trustees’ training walk is brilliant.Thanks for sharing: what a brilliant bunch of people – I’m so jealous I’m not walking #CaminoLB too 🙂

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