LB’s Fighting Fund. The postscript.


Been a bit tardy with this, sorry. A few days before leaving for the #CaminoLB, we received a chunk of our legal fees back from Sloven. This means we are able to donate £20,023 of the funds raised to charity. We originally said any recovered dosh would be split between Oxfordshire Family Support Network and INQUEST but feel that the My Life My Choice champs have flown (and walked) the #JusticeforLB flag brilliantly so there will be a three way split. £6,674 to each charity.

Thank you to everyone who donated dosh, sold cakes, chocolates, jewellery, plants, ate cakes, did sponsored runs, head shaves, bus rides, cycle rides and more, bought cards, made pencil cases, bought pencil cases, made notebooks, bought notebooks, held work parties, discos, party nights, donated christening presents, the takings from comedy shows, recorded an EP, made Jack’s cats, bought Jack’s cats, photos and all the other magical efforts people made to ensure that LB was beyond brilliantly and effectively represented at his inquest.

We should never have had to do this [and shame on the Ministry of Justice for relentlessly misguided faith in the coronial system] but given we did, we couldn’t have done it better. Dipping into the remarkable #107days of action collection is a much needed tonic and continues to astonish me. A colourful, random, joyful, diverse, spontaneous and collective effort to get on and do stuff.

LB would have expected nothing less, love him.


4 thoughts on “LB’s Fighting Fund. The postscript.

  1. Amazing gift from Amazing people,my heart is with you in your grief and fight should never have happened and what you have been through is disgraceful xxx

  2. Dear Sara, a huge thank you from all of us here at INQUEST, with this generous donation we can support more families in their fight for truth and justice

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