Writing what’s happened…

I’m writing a book. I know. A book. Lofty aspirations. I can barely read one these days. I’m determined to write a book. I’ve never written a book. I write all the time. I vomit out blog posts. I now struggle to write academic papers.

The process of writing this book is generating rage beyond rage. So much so fucking wrong. I’m beginning to reflect more clearly, three and a half years later, on the broader acceptance of the circulating shite. My initial rage at reading the brutal content of briefings, email exchanges and reports is shifting to those who read rather than those who write this content. And say nothing.

Those who received the Background Briefing of Mother’s Blog in their inbox on July 5 2013. A day after LB drowned. Can you imagine? And sucked it up. Those who received the ‘internal’ review‘ by Oxfordshire County Council two weeks before we’d seen sight or smell of the stench of this secret and tawdry investigation. A report chucked into my inbox without warning one Monday morning by an Oxfordshire County Council Social Care Director, strangely off sick for the rest of that day.

Could you try to step outside the smug, judgemental, self serving space you typically enjoy. And challenge this shit? Keep your eye on the human.

It may make you feel better about yourselves. And what you do.

Or maybe not.


4 thoughts on “Writing what’s happened…

  1. You are right to draw attention to the numerous people who remain silent after reading the quite outrageous outpourings of others who are seeking to conceal wrongdoing or deflect serious complaint. It took me 20 years to obtain all the medical files relating to me – when I received them I realised why. Staff and managers had documented their own wrongdoing again and again which had been read by scores of people and no-one had said a word. I had raised complaint about the highly inappropriate conduct and attitude of one psychiatrist towards me and other female patients only to be told for years that I was ‘deluded’. Yet this man had described me to another doctor as ‘attractive and seductive’ and this had been documented. Not a word was said. A manager had written a letter and cc’d it to a number of other senior people describing the ways in which he intended to ensure that the hospital would secure a conviction against me (they were getting cross because numerous ludicrous court cases that they had brought against me had collapsed). Another letter had been written which was an appeal for ‘more nurses down the police station please’ to make complaint about me. I could go on – my files contained 20 years of this sort of thing. It was unbelievable. And whilst all this was being written mental health patients in north Wales continued to die.

  2. What you are saying so many others have said..are saying – and are feeling.

    There is no authentic redress. Never mind justice. T

    The NHS wiil – if you live long enough and insurers get tired enough – get cash and a ‘have learned letter’. Real cost – is lives in limbo – – for years.

    Most families who question are silenced at the start. Others are too grief stricken – too old or too intimidated – or they just have no idea how to go about it…

    LA’s: here the complaints processes appear to be designed to deter. Families doing it for the first time are always tentative – they just have a go at being heard. Then they helped to stop,

    Thing is LA’s – an come back very hard at outset – and – usually mother ? – is thrashed with swift counter blame straight into the core of who she is.. Most go away – smaller – diminished.

    The foolhardy ? They try Ombudsman – NHS and or LA.. Ombudsmen take their time – and can chastise. But the penalty cost to family in all joy suspended for years – just for wrist slap redress – is massive.

    The issue is – we have no power of redress or justice.

    We have…. only – deterrents masquerading as justice.

  3. many people are ok working with wrongness , no disruption to their work or home routine or bodily cycles from witnessing or taking part , no calcium channel blocker prescriptions required and no steroid creams to apply . Hard to accept but failure to keep an eye on the human is common place and causes no ill effect to those choosing to operate in that manner. Ever hopeful of the HSE investigation .

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