A phone call from the NMC

“Hello Dr Ryan,

I just wanted to update you with where we are at with the tribunals. Since we last spoke we’ve held case conferences with the HSE and GMC and established a good working relationship.

One other thing that’s come to light is that back in November 2016 we sent out your personal details to all six registrants [nurses] and their counsel. We’ve asked them to send the hard disks with the details on it and to destroy any copies they may have made.”

No words.


6 thoughts on “A phone call from the NMC

  1. There really are.no.words. Now I have paused and regained the ability to think (after being left in a mild state of shock and disbelief) I would be interested to see if the ico take this further….

  2. Sara I hope you drank yourself into a place where you could numb this brutality for a moment. Trouble is the whole cause of it remains, as strong as ever, intent on crucifying all of you for daring to challenge anything about them.
    I don’t know how you carry on in your fight but you do to make sure that Connor is not and others ever allowed to just be forgotten
    That he and others get victory over the people that did this to him and thought this about him. He’s a better person than they ever were and are.
    I remember the bastards at Calderstones after setting Chris up and being exposed for their. cruelty finding out Lynnes address and harassing her and get family. Imagine if you had the addresses of all of those who have harmed him how vulnerable they would say they feel? But as you say, not you, that’s different.
    Just so sickening and this is the first time I’ve used the word but agree it slips easily from my tongue this morning too
    Nasty Cunts

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