Dog stuff and the Greyhound to Boston


I’ve been in and around Montreal for a week now for work. This has involved a bit of time spent exploring a brilliant and friendly city, a shite Airbnb experience and an unexpected and wondrous Thanksgiving meal.

And the usual snapping.

L1030314 (1)


Tomorrow I’m taking the Greyhound to Boston from Montreal. A 7 hour trip. Once I booked my ticket my wanderings became strangely more about dogs.


A bus shaped space to think about LB. And maybe meet some interesting people.




One thought on “Dog stuff and the Greyhound to Boston

  1. G’day.

    Sara I have read your book. It is pretty, blooming, heart stoppingly, excellent.

    Bulls eye bonzer..

    What struck me as I read it, is that there are so many Connors, who live – on – as just a multiple near miss.

    For our sons and daughters lives are treated with complete and arrogant casualness by the LA’s with responsibility for their care.

    I remember saying in chest tight fury to the manager, who had removed all support bar food from my ‘independent living’ vulnerable son and his similar flatmate, that I had two fit and very able grandsons aged 8 and 10 who if left alone in a house with food, would probably not die of hunger or of cold – but they sure as hell would at best – live in dangerous misery, and would probably die of some thing else.

    The lady was totally unmoved. For all else was a ‘want not a ‘need’.

    ”End of matter”.

    These people play Russian roulette with a pen…with our sons and daughters health, happiness and lives….every day. Some die of our children die of it.. and some don’t…for a while.

    They, the lucky for a on… as just another near miss.

    There are so many, many stories, and you have written a story for and about Conner, that is about all of them.

    A beautiful book for all our beautiful boys and girls.

    Thank you xxx.

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