The cockroach week

We now have a dead (I hope) cockroach in the freezer.

It was hanging out with some carrots and leeks in the bottom of an organic veg box. The size of a small elephant. The freezer wasn’t our idea but the advice of the veg box company’s resident insect expert (a PhD in moths apparently, but turns her hand to other insects). Cockroaches don’t like the cold and it’s heading off on a journey to London Zoo for identification on Monday. Doc Moth thinks it’s a Periplaneta australasiae from the image I emailed. Rich thinks it’s an American one. Whatever. Whoever. My organic veg box days are over.

ryan5-272Randomly, it’s not the first cockroach of the week. One of LB’s unit dudes had a right old chuckle enjoying people’s responses to strategically placed giant plastic (but very lifelike) cockroaches around the unit midweek. Love him.

Then this evening, I was reading about Mencap’s  latest campaign, Steve and Sam, and was floored to see that Winterbourne View was called a ‘treatment and assessment centre’. I hadn’t picked up on that at the time.

So a further layer of hideousness to what happened there.

Is that possible?

Cockroach week.