LB and the Christmas market

LB came back from his trip to the Christmas market today in fab spirits. He’d seen a girl he liked. An American girl wearing a baseball cap, gloves and an apron.

“Mum, she fancied me, Mum.”
“Mum, she fancied me, Mum.”
“That’s super cool. How do you know she fancied you?”
“She looked at me, Mum.”
“Ah. Did you talk to her?”
“No, I was too shy Mum. Can I go to the Christmas market again, Mum?”
“Yeah, course you can. We’ll go again next year.”
“Thank you, Mum.”
“TO FANCY OR NOT TO FANCY? THAT IS THE QUESTION,” he shouted triumphantly, walking up the stairs.

The wild dogs cry out in the night

The thing with going on an overland trip in a Bedford truck is speed. It doesn’t really go more than about 40 miles an hour and Chalfont St. Peter to Kenya is quite a long way.  A routine quickly set in. Up around 6.30am, bit of nosh then drive till lunchtime, bit of nosh, then park and camp and nosh around 6.30pm.

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