The foyer

I randomly decided to pick LB up an hour and a half early from after school club yesterday. And found him sitting patiently on a chair in the foyer. Alone.

“Waiting Mum.”
“Dunno Mum.”
“What are you waiting for?”
“You Mum.”

I rang the kids club staff on the internal phone (you have to ring and speak to staff).

“Er, I have LB here. In the foyer on his own.”
“Ah, is he there? We’ll come down and get him.”
“GET HIM? I’ve got him! What’s he doing in the foyer on his own?!!!”
“We’ve been waiting for him to come from football. Usually he’s brought up to the hall after football by school staff…”

After this exchange on the phone (???) we left and the service provider running the kids club texted me disclaiming any responsibility ending with “..we are not at fault”. It was the school’s responsibility. Lovely.

This morning, the school liaison officer (SLO) rang, hugely apologetic. It will never happen again. LB had told a staff member that he wasn’t going to kids club that afternoon, I was picking him up. He had to wait in the foyer. Whoa. Cheeky monkey or what? (He doesn’t  like after school club and was pretty fixated on getting Eddie Stobart Series 3 in the post).

Or, as the SLO suggested, was the dude a bit psychic?

I asked LB what he thought about what had happened, at bedtime last night.

“I hate the foyer Mum.”