A Camden masterclass

Spent the weekend at a street photography Guardian Masterclass run by Antonio Olmos. Well what can I say, other than a complete pleasure. Great teacher, classmates, setting and food. I learned a lot (see below).



ryan5-50 ryan5-49

Top things I learned;

  • Always shoot raw (I knew this but I now understand why).
  • Don’t delete photos on the camera; you don’t know till you start to edit, whether they are any good.
  • Don’t zoom, get close (use a 50mm fixed lens).
  • Travel light and NO lens cap.
  • Take first, worry about the consequences after (i.e. don’t get overly hung up on ethics or you’ll miss a good pic).
  • People generally are happy to be asked to pose for street photography.
  • There is no problem with taking candid shots of people in the street without their permission.
  • ‘Work a scene’… don’t just snap and walk off in search of ‘another good pic’, hang around and keep taking photos.
  • Anticipate events and get into position.
  • Expect only one or two good photos on average (brilliant photographers take crap pics too).

5 thoughts on “A Camden masterclass

  1. There’s something so poignant about the melancholic expression on the face of the girl in the ripped jeans and you were there with your camera to capture it in that split second. It’s a beautiful photograph.

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  3. > the melancholic expression on the face of the girl in the ripped jeans

    She’s probably just trying to decide what her next clothing affectation should be.

    Sounds like a worthwhile workshop, Sara. Not sure I’d agree that a 50mm lens gets you close but the principle is good.

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