Waiting for the train

Some mornings I walk along to the station next to where I work to buy some lunch.  And photograph this space. I love the light, the patterns and what people are doing here. Spectacularly compelling. Well for me, anyway. But then I bloody love railway stations.

ryan5-267 ryan5-266 ryan5-265

Late afternoon streets

Always got my camera on me these days. And our local neighbourhood is reliably interesting. A mate said recently she’s going to sneakily follow me round; she can’t believe the things like the cat on the dashboard are real. Today the London bus stop was quiet, a guy was scaling the wall of Waitrose, and the sky was spectacular.

ryan5-80 ryan5-79 ryan5-78

Wharfe and Westfield

Went to Imperial Wharfe today for the first* steering group meeting of the British Sociological Association (BSA) Disability Study Group. The BSA have a meeting room right next to the London Overland Rail (another first for me). I got there a bit early and wandered around to take some photos. But there were no people. The Wharfe was deserted. It was odd and eerie. Just an enormously renovated space of emptiness. And “no” signs (skating, running, cycling, paddling, ball games, people).

Luckily the bus stop home is next to Westfield. I could have a people wallow on my way back.

Wonderous. As usual.


*Still astonished there hasn’t been a group up to now.