Reflections, symmetry and happenings

Came out of Charing Cross tube this morning to drenched streets and dazzling sunshine. Whoa. Must have completely missed a downpour. So pleased I was early enough for a cheeky little detour in Trafalgar Square before my meeting started. Nearly four hours later, the streets were dry and the sun had disappeared. But there were still interesting happenings. And the splendour of Paddington station to catch the train home. From platform 9.

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Walking to work the long way

These photos are from a day when I decided to walk the long way to work, taking my (old) camera.  It was sunny when I set off but as I walked down the hill, it became mistier and mistier. It got to the point where passing people were partial and incidental. And it became all about the trees.

Funny because I’m more a people than a tree sorta gal.