Stan, glaucoma and the car key

Stan became blind in one eye this week. Suddenly. Well pretty much overnight really. Some sort of inherited Jack Russell glaucoma. After a couple of days on emergency drops to try and rescue the damaged eye, but also reduce the pressure in his other eye, I took him back to the eye vet in a nearby town at lunchtime.

We arrived 10 minutes early, so I took him to a nearby park for a walk. He’s obsessive about having sticks thrown for him, so I wandered around a bit, chucking a stick for him.  There was only one other person on the other side of the park. Walking up and down, in a weird way, looking at the ground. Occasionally he or she seemed to be picking something up. They didn’t have a dog or anything, so it was a bit odd. We kept our distance.

Half an hour later, the vet recommended an injection to the back of the eye to deaden it, and Stan was led off, tail wagging, to surgery.

I went out to the car park, without a waggy tail. Only to find out I’d lost the car key.

“Fuckingshittosswank.” It was freezing and I couldn’t work out where it could be. I decided to retrace my steps to the park and started walking along slowly, scanning the grass carefully.

“What do you think she’s doing?” I heard a girl say. I turned round to see a couple with a dog, looking at me as if I was mad.  I started to explain but they walked carefully away from me.

Postscript: I eventually found the car key near the goal post. I shouted to the couple but they pretended they didn’t hear me.

PPS: Rich and LB have gone to collect Stan.

PPS: Stan is home, very cheerful and chirpy 🙂

Stan and the Peepy Thing

Since Stan was a pup, a peepy thing in our garden has driven him crazy at different times of the year.  He scrabbles to get out of the back door, charges the few metres to the end of the garden and barks furiously, looking up at the overhanging bushes and trees.

“Peep peep. Peep peep.”

RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF [I’ll get ya Peepy Thing!] RUFF RUFF RUFF!!!!”

“Peep peep. Peep peep. [You’ll never get me, short arse] Peep peep. Peep peep.”

RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF [I’ll get ya and I’ll eat you for my dinner!] RUFF RUFF!!!.”

“Peep peep. Peep peep. [Go away corgi features] Peep peep.”

It drives us mad too. The combination of peeping and barking is relentless.

PEEPY THING!” someone shouts, “Get Stan back in!”  And whoever is nearest (or doesn’t manage to successfully feign ‘ensconsed in very important task’), has to go and persuade Stan to forget about his vendetta and come back in doors.

I’ve noticed, recently, that the dynamics are changing between Stan and Peepy Thing.  He still scrabbles to get out the back door and charges to the end of the garden. But there is a note of pathos in his bark.

Ruff ruff ruff ruff.

“Peep peep. Peep peep. [Get lost loser dog!] Peep peep.”

“Ruff. Ruff. Ruff. [Do I really look like a corgi?] Ruff.”

“Peep peep. Peep peep. [Stop interrupting my peeping with your pathetic needy barking] Peep peep.”

It’s easier to persuade Stan back in now. And he usually goes and hides somewhere for a bit.