Pap street, pop stars and the guitar guy

Wandering around town earlier, with Rich. Camera in hand. Sun shining.
Anticipation“, I said, cheerfully. “That’s one of the things I learnt on the street photography course.
Mmmmm“, said Rich. Most likely boredy bored with the whole street photography thing. “There’s some big cameras over there look“, he said, pointing towards three men standing together and staring down Cornmarket.
Oh yeah,” I said, snapping some long haired guy with a violin and his girlfriend. Totally oblivious to the unfolding drama.
Something’s going on. They’re looking for someone. Look.”
Eh? Who?”
Those men with the big cameras….
And they were. Paparazzi. In Oxford?  A huge Chinese pop star apparently. Though I didn’t see him.  We did catch up with guitar guy on the way back though. Circles of time and place, and all that.