A Camden masterclass

Spent the weekend at a street photography Guardian Masterclass run by Antonio Olmos. Well what can I say, other than a complete pleasure. Great teacher, classmates, setting and food. I learned a lot (see below).



ryan5-50 ryan5-49

Top things I learned;

  • Always shoot raw (I knew this but I now understand why).
  • Don’t delete photos on the camera; you don’t know till you start to edit, whether they are any good.
  • Don’t zoom, get close (use a 50mm fixed lens).
  • Travel light and NO lens cap.
  • Take first, worry about the consequences after (i.e. don’t get overly hung up on ethics or you’ll miss a good pic).
  • People generally are happy to be asked to pose for street photography.
  • There is no problem with taking candid shots of people in the street without their permission.
  • ‘Work a scene’… don’t just snap and walk off in search of ‘another good pic’, hang around and keep taking photos.
  • Anticipate events and get into position.
  • Expect only one or two good photos on average (brilliant photographers take crap pics too).