Dropping balls

Got back from Nottingham this evening after a couple of hectic days away at a conference. And eventually picked up the blue folder again. The covering letter explains what it contains. Turns out I made a cock up with the dates on request two. My original request asked Sloven to provide copies of all emails/letters/reports and telephone transcripts that ‘refer to me’ between March 19th 2013, the day LB entered the unit, and the date I made the request.

I called Sloven information provision people in May after receiving the two emails this had turned up. I was told they’d searched for my full name and that was what I’d asked for. After a conversation during which my phone melted with incredulity, I agreed to put in a ‘supplementary request’ to include the various permutations of how I might be referred to in Sloven communications (a non-exhaustive list);

All personal data referring to me (to be searched as any combination of the following words ‘Sara Ryan’ ‘mum’ ‘mother’ ‘family’ ‘CS’ ‘Connor’ ‘Sparrowhawk’ ‘SR’ ‘Mrs Ryan’ ‘Connor’ ‘Sparrowhawk’)

I specified between March 19th 2014 and the current date.

Oh my blinking blimey. I dropped a ball there. And the Slovens ran with it.

I can only dream of getting a call back from the information disclosure people. Quickly refashioning my phone into a usable shape to take the call. Gathering my breath. Pinning the relentless tears into a ‘will defo catch up with you later’ space enabling me speak.

‘Just checking whether you’ve possibly made a mistake with the dates specified because the time frame is a bit odd really… did you mean 19th March 2013? We’d like to get it right given the circumstances.’

There is no tear ‘pen’ space with this bunch of fuckers.

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