Landscape for a Sparrowhawk

ryan5-716After the last couple of miserable, raging posts, here’s a snifter of sunshine, light and colour. #107days continues to be extraordinary. A truly unique campaign. Fundraising is a go go. We’re ticking off some of the items on the Connor Manifesto which is amazing. The tender is out for the Serious Case Review, jointly commissioned by NHS England and Oxfordshire Adult Safeguarding Board. This has a broad remit, to add to and extend the Verita findings. The terms of reference for the review into unexpected deaths in Sloven learning disability and mental health services are being decided at the mo. And the police are conducting a full investigation. Our lovely CID guy called with the news yesterday. LB would be seriously delighted with this decision. His belief in the criminal justice system undented.

Finally, Landscape for a Sparrowhawk, by the remarkable Janet Read (started on the train on the way to LB’s funeral that hot summer’s day last July) is now above the fireplace in our front room.

The spirit and essence of our beautiful dude woven into our lives in so many ways.

4 thoughts on “Landscape for a Sparrowhawk

  1. #Theme
    1)Explanation from the CCG/LA about how they could commission such poor services.
    2)Reassurance about how they will ensure this cannot happen again.

    Asking questions every day in memory of LB.

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