13 thoughts on “Despatches from the Justice Shed

  1. Just watched your justice shed film. Very well done. Touching, brave, powerful and we understand just a few personal things about Connor now – for those of us that never met him – just the small things that were obviously important to him, the football player, the hornby man – the cards he sent you. It shows his warmth and humour and his love for you. Excellent.

    Waiting to hear if you made a cake !!!

  2. Seeing the little cards and players that Connor did and loved, gives the people who have never met Connor a stronger connection with him, I feel videos like this will be a very powerful tool for your campaign . You are a wonderful Mum and I so admire you for your strength and commitment to get not only answers and justice for your son, but also to shape the future for children like mine. Love to you all xxx

  3. this is lovely, I hope you decide to make it a diary. All over the country there are little outposts with ordinary people trying to navigate soul destroying systems for justice in isolation .Keep posting , you are beating a path, well done.

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