The confidential confidentiality agreement


Back in October 2013, Fran was going to be the family advocate on the Sloven investigation into LB’s death. This descended into farce almost immediately as Fran was banned from being involved because of some trumped up nonsense around Oxfordshire Family Support Network. And then unbanned. Once back, Fran’s involvement only spread to one meeting before Verita were commissioned to do an external investigation.

At the meeting with two Sloven employees (one of whom wrote the leaked quality and safety review nearly a year before LB died; the report which Verita, NHS England and NHS Improvement are now arguing was disclosed (my arse)), Fran was given a lifelong confidentiality agreement to sign. She took a hard copy away to get it looked over, slightly bemused as it had bits crossed out and handwritten amendments.

She was surprised to receive several missed calls from the clinical director the next day (on her home phone and mobile) desperate to get hold of her and two messages. This is the first message (early evening). It was followed by a second message first thing the next morning asking her to get in touch. And more missed calls across the morning.

The life long confidentiality agreement itself was now confidential and not to be shared with anyone (not even a legal representative). Complete and utter Sloven nonsense. Typical bullying and bombastic approach. Terrible, terrible interaction with a family friend/member of the public. No whiff of care, concern or sensitivity around the fact that a young man drowned in their care. Just a dehumanising ‘mum and her solicitor’ and agitation.

What a sign of what lay ahead.

ps. Fran’s son, James, still uses Sloven services. Her willingness to publicly share this message and story is a testament to her not being cowed by bullying services who too often hold families over a barrel of fear. She said to me an age ago that she had been a whistleblower as a nurse in her early twenties. ‘Before ‘whistleblowers’ existed.’ She just called out poor practice. I think she’s right. This is the only way change will happen.

10 thoughts on “The confidential confidentiality agreement

  1. This is one I wasn’t aware of. Not even sure it can possibly be legally enforced. Any chance you could let me have a full copy? You have my email address.

  2. Is it just me, or is she speaking very fast?
    I find phone messages so difficult to hear when people speak fast.

    • People who are panicking, gabble. Their mouths are racing to catch up with all their nightmare “what if”s: What if I’ve really put my foot in it this time? What if ‘mum’ and friends are actually smarter than I am? What if I can’t get this decently buried before the legal people/the CEO/the press (ohpleaseGodnotthepressIllbeinsuchdeepshit) get wind of it?

      This flustered and garbled communication is one of the many incompetency ‘tells’ in Sloven’s irredeemably inauthentic and insincere communications.

  3. Why do Trusts display values all over the walls in their buildings, such as transparency, responsiveness and compassion, etc., if they don’t intend to follow them?
    Why are they called Trusts, if they can’t be trusted.
    Do they think people will just allow their precious children already carrying such enormous stress on their little shoulders, to be neglected by others?
    It’s always about legal teams, instead of honestly working things out.
    Those of us still receiving ‘services’, as well as those like LB’s family, are living from day to day watching bullying behaviour, as more (but not all) senior and junior professionals are having a nice life with their children, by destroying ours. We can’t let this carry on, as it they wouldn’t.

  4. All humanity is stripped from the process in the rush to protect the system. Confidentiality prevents knowledge of wrongdoing entering the public domain. ‘The patient is at the heart of the process’ is the current NHS mantra, well they may be at the heart but they are not at the meetings and they are not told the facts, but some glossy overview once they get their story straight.

  5. All humanity is stripped from the process in the rush to protect the system. Confidentiality is used to prevent wrong doing from entering the public domain. All part of the ‘cover up’. We continually hear that the patient is at the heart of the process. Well they may be at the heart, but they are not at the meetings and they are not told the facts, just some glossy overview once they get their story straight. The worry is that this could happen again at HSIB and is definitely happening with PHSO investigations.

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