Sense and reason, at last

After nearly three years of atrocious responses from Sloven to what happened to LB, this document arrived anonymously in the Justice shed earlier. An emergency motion presented at the governors meeting on April 26th. Apparently, from what we can glean from Michael Buchanan’s tweets and other sources, some of the governors were taken aback by the never before seen candour and transparency they were confronted with, without warning.

Petter, then chair, decided that the motion would be held back to an extraordinary meeting to be held within 7-10 days of the CQC report being published. I suppose to allow certain people the space to recover their shock and horror that, for once, their cosy slumbering and collusion with the board was being challenged.

I can’t describe what it feels like to read these words. Such a careful, reflexive, comprehensive and sensible engagement with the catalogue of failings since Mike Holder’s report in 2012.

I’m not sure I’d add anything other than, good on you, Mark Aspinall and the other governors who expressed support for it. What a refreshing contrast to the simply offensive letter we were sent on Thursday. And here’s looking forward to the extraordinary meeting in the next week or so.



23 thoughts on “Sense and reason, at last

  1. I would have thought that the cosy slumbering was long over. I read this as no confidence in any of management team. Watching and waiting to see what next for patient-centred care and what will happen at the “extraordinary” meeting..meantime hopefully the beginnings of a smile or two..x

  2. Congratulations – hopefully your war will now be won but what battles you’ve had to fight in such awful circumstances. I despair at the culture throughout the NHS in Wales and England. You inspire me to continue with my fight to try and find out how my brother broke his neck in the care of an NHS Trust and thank you for it.

    • Congratulation Sara waiting to see what will happen next, let’s hope KP will resign and not wait to be sacked!
      Your determination to fight to the end has paid off. Thank you so much.

  3. wow! well they took their bloody time but at least they got there in the end! Lets see them complete the circle and see it through to conclusion!

  4. Sara – I can’t keep up with you whilst trying to update my own blog! Mark Aspinall’s CV means that many of the other Governors take him seriously. It’s a huge loss that he resigned and didn’t stay on – at least until after the extraordinary meeting. Unfortunately, although several Governors expressed agreement with his paper, as many strong disagreed. This is why, when I told you about the emergency meeting, in my recent email, I said:
    “It appears that some of the newer governors had attended a brainwashing [struck through] training session at which KP/LS were present.”
    “If this meeting goes ahead, I suggest it would be worth us all attending to lobby the Governors: the Governors (as a whole) are beginning to turn our way but it still needs a lot of work to turn the brown-noses.”
    Unfortunately, the loss of Mark is not in our favour. We should lobby the governors beforehand too – using their direct email addresses (where available) to avoid Sloven’s censors. Also, we must make sure Sloven does not renege on Mike Petter’s promise to hold the meeting.
    Your recent post with the phone recording with Clinical Director (Stevens, I believe) should be enough to do for her, whilst the images of the emails in which Percy colludes with Deloitte to mislead the Department of Health and CCG – – should do for her (I hope). My open letter to the Teflon Twins is available now at ‘GO NOW’ – but I will prepare and send you original images for re-blogging or forwarding to your own press and official contacts, if you wish to do so.

  5. Better sooner than later, The Chair has resigned on the publication of the CQC report, remember that Sloven would have had sight of the report before hand prior to publication so the Chair had time to consider his position prior to resigning.
    The council of Governors were not well led by the chair of the trust and the lead governor, did not ask the right questions when it was required and it was left until the end of April 2016 to act as governors. Sloven FT Constitution allows for the governors to vote out (75% of governors taking the vote to remove) the chair and other NED’s where mutual trust and confidence has been called into question.
    Vote of no Confidence by the council of governors in the leadership of Ms K Percy is the next step required. How will the council of governors be managed until a new chair start, normally the senior Independent NED would manage, where this is not the case then the lead Governor would lead, time for the governors to be pro active.

  6. Oof, what a rollercoaster. Don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but I will be unsurprised if the next Sloven move will be to try to boot this into touch, on the grounds that since Mark Aspinall is no longer a Governor, his motion is invalid. The new Chair could then say emollient things about fresh starts and the naysayers would leap to get that carpet-corner lifted and start a team-sweep.

    Crash is right about the direct lobbying; it would be especially helpful to know the names of the public-supportive governors so that they can be encouraged and supported in their turn, formally to propose and second this motion in their own names whenever that EGM comes along. That would be the best way to knock procedural capers on the head.

    Thank you Mr. Aspinall for taking the right stand.

    • kara2008 – I’m on it: preparing a list of governors, their inclination and (where possible) their direct email addresses. We cannot (in my opinion) trust the generic Governors’ address on the Sloven website – it’s too open to censorship. If anyone has the direct email address of any of the governors please help by emailing details to:

  7. Taken for Southern Health Foundation Trust Constitution October 2014
    Refer to 27.3

    27. Board of Directors – Appointment and Removal of Chairman and Other Non-Executive Directors
    27.1. The Council of Governors at a general meeting of the Council of Governors shall appoint or remove the Chairman of the Foundation Trust and the other Non-Executive Directors.
    27.2. During any meeting of the Council of Governors at which the Chairman may be suspended or removed, the Deputy Chairman shall preside, or if the Deputy Chairman is absent from the meeting or is absent temporarily on the grounds of a declared conflict of interest, another Non-Executive Director, as shall be appointed by the Council of Governors, shall preside.
    27.3. Removal of the Chairman or another Non-Executive Director shall require the approval of three-quarters of the members of the Council of Governors.

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  9. My normal cynical self has allowed itself the beginnings of a smile today. I have nothing but admiration for the determination and committment of the family. but no one should have to go through all they have done just to be believed and to get some justice.
    The big question is can we prevent it happening again to someone else ?

  10. I just wanted to say how terribly sorry I am for all you have had to endure. I have worked in such institutions and I lose count of the amount of times that the serious safety concerns I raised were ignored.

    From my experience, the pay is low and the work immensely challenging so it tends to attract two types of people, those who don’t care at all, are just there to pay the rent and do the absolute minimum they can get away with without being fired, then there are those who are passionate and really care, they pick up all the slack from those who aren’t doing their jobs properly and end up getting burnt out. The things I have witnessed over the years make me sick to the stomach, neglect, abuse, completely dehumanisation of the individuals you work with.

    Working conditions are often highly unsafe for clients and staff, but tight budgets mean corners are cut and and fall out is covered up. If you attempt to become a whistle blower for the sake of the clients, the management pay lip service to your complaints and then silence you whilst they hide the truth from parents and relatives. There is an enormous gulf between the services they purport to provide and those which they are actually capable of providing.

    I ended up changing career because I was tired of fighting a battle I could not win, you get little support from collegues as a whistleblower as they fear for their jobs and worry that future employers will brand them as troublemakers.

    What happened to your son is tragic, but I am sure that in bravely fighting the authorities to uncover the truth, you will initiate the kind of change, I was unable to and thus save the lives of many others like him. I admire your strength and courage.

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