The message

My blood chilled, 20 seconds or so into the message left on my phone at work, when the caller seamlessly tipped from being sorry that LB died to calling me a vindictive cow. And didn’t hold back from sticking the boot in.

Another day. Another Sloven related failure.

The kids, love em, and their cousins/mates, were instantly outraged, enraged and upset. Their united, supportive and vocal position, that this is so fucking wrong, continues to be one of the lights shining through this complete fuck up. Combined with widespread condemnation by so many others.

The call is vitriolic, nasty and beyond inappropriate. But it’s simply part of a set of improbably, inappropriate, nasty and worse responses we’ve endured since LB died. Evidence of a system in which defensiveness, bullying and family crushing flourishes.

Just a few examples:

The letter from Katrina Percy.

The Dr Crapshite stuff and mother blame.

The Oxfordshire County Council commissioner’s  letter to disability activists

The Sloven briefing to David Nicholson

This afternoon, Luciana Berger tabled an Urgent Question in parliament about Sloven. There was anger, much sense and serious concern demonstrated by those present. (Not Burt). John Bercow concluded the debate stating that Sloven need to see the Hansard documentation of the debate. Good.

But not good enough.

We’re beyond weary. Bouncing between extreme love for the likes of Luciana Berger, Norman Lamb, Paul Lelliott and others at the CQC, Andrew Smith, Deb Coles (and the unfailing support and contributions of #JusticeforLB campaigners).   And the pin drop pots of non action wedged within the Department of Health, NHS Improvement and NHS England.

Listening to this message was unspeakable. Reading the documents listed above was unspeakable. I don’t know how much more unspeakable we are expected to endure. We were, hilariously, stupidly, copied into an exchange about the governors response to us in which a Sloven comms person advises the governors to ‘soften the tone a bit’. Just astonishing.

Why don’t you all re-read Mark Aspinall’s emergency motion and recognise your craphole, seedy actions for what they are. We ain’t the problem here. As much as it makes you feel better to think so.

In the spirit of the openness of the campaign, I’ll just say you are all a fuckingpileoftosswankpisspotfuckscummerybastards.





23 thoughts on “The message

  1. My blood chilled too on hearing the recording on BBC News early this morning: I hope the police will be able to track the caller. Sara – of course the caller could have been calling from Hampshire. In those circumstances, I am not sure if any offence was committed in Hampshire or Thames Valley police area. I will email you later with senior contact details in Hants police, which you may use yourself or pass to TV police. With the agreement of one of the more robust Governors, I’m off to ‘train’ one of the new Governors this morning – even though I have no official status.

  2. “Blood chilling comments” are no match for you Sara……the very worst has already happened and highlighting the cowardly bullying is SPOT ON! Whoever you are……you are beyond comprehension and you will NEVER bring us to our knees. As Sara ably put it, you all are:”fuckingpileoftosswankpisspotfuckscummerybastards.” You have no idea about humanity!

  3. I am so sorry you had to listen to that message. As for the rest….the KP letter alone induces retching. What a manipulative, blame evading piece of work.
    All of our respect and good wishes to you and your family.

  4. Dear Sara
    I’m just a random person on the ‘net who happened to read the Guardian’s indescribably shocking report this morning.

    As a mother, my heart breaks for you and your son.

    As a former NHS patient, I can only echo most vociferously that it’s, as you say, “…a system in which defensiveness, bullying and family-crushing flourishes”.

    I’d go much further than that. But it wouldn’t be fit for print.

    There are many,many of us out here who’ve had our lives and families crushed by the execrable attitudes and behaviour of NHS staff. We all mostly suffer in silence and try our best to pick up the pieces. Because our politicians do not want to address the horrors.

    There are very dark and destructive operating principles at the core of the NHS. This needs to be stopped, even if it means disbanding the NHS and setting up a new service – one with compassion, honesty, transparency, respect and care at its heart.

    I wish you all power and strength.

  5. I think this is a very very sick and disturbed person, like so many we meet inthis insane world. In fact they flourish

  6. Unbelievable….utterly unbelievable. I wonder if that person would be calling you a “vindictive cow” if it had been THEIR child who died?

    I was a nurse for many years and it was drummed into us from day one that you do not leave a client who is epileptic alone in a bath…you just don’t. The fact that this was done makes me feel sickened. What happened to care?

  7. Jeez!

    ‘A guilty system recognises no innocents’.

    Of course, it is likely people may say a ‘bad apple’ is responsible for this terrible message but how many bad applies must there be before people begin to wonder at the quality of the barrel producing these damaged apples…

    ‘An institution is not just a place, it is some kind of mental category that affects perceptions and interaction rules’.

    Holy shit.

    Keep strong.

  8. There are no staff in the former Ridgeway Trust in Oxford that speak positively of Southern Health. You shall find your caller in the mount to the side of Percy.

  9. God, looking back at that KP letter it is so striking how virtually every paragraph begins with ‘I’. Or in one case ‘my’.

  10. Shocking experience Sara it must have left you speechless and upset. The voice of this sick person who has made the call will be recognised by experts. What’s next? How much more can a grieving mother take who is only looking for justice for her beloved son. The photo’s of LB in the media today are fantastic, what a nice, good looking and happy young man he was.

  11. I am not fully aware of the details surrounding your loss but medical negligent cover-ups I am fully familiar with. When in 1998 I was diagnosed with mixed bi-polar disorder I was prescribed a then new atypical anti-psychotic at that point in time unlicensed for bi-polar in UK. I fought for 9 months to get off it. The psych refused. Was she on the take for trialling it? In the end I discovered my GP ad my primary carer had the right to override her and he did. Brave man. So I understand your struggle to argue meds are wrong and lethal.
    Losing a child stillborn was among the reasons I became unwell. There will be justice against this trust in due course. It may be painfully slow for you but it must be right so they have no reason to get off on a missed point of law. It was over eleven years later I reported my psych. She took early retirement immediately. It should have been more but lawyers are beyond my purse as s one term support group member. Your angels will turn up

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  13. There now appears to be civil war inside Sloven. Have sent the Teflon Twins (Percy and Stevens) an Open Letter last weekend and publishing it widely: I have already received two emails direct from journalists and one from a Parliamentary Researcher asking permission to pass my contact details to a third journo. Please see the letter at and feel free to add a comment and/or contact me. Why not email the Teflon Twins too?

  14. This is bitchy and even evil. To think any of that, that woman must be rotton.
    Just awful to know they are amongst us in the caring profession.

  15. Just had to re-blog a comment left on my blog by a Headmaster:
    “After 4 years of catastrophic failure, highlighted in two damning reports, how is it that the same managers of this trust are allowed to continue. It beggars belief. In education if Ofsted gave such a damning report on a school or local authority stating they had little or no confidence in the management to implement the changes necessary to improve the situation then heads would roll. Why should the NHS be any different?” Was the pun in ‘heads will roll’ unintended?

  16. Sara have you read Ian Birrell’s article. in the Daily Mail (or as you call it the Daily Fail) today?
    Brilliant stuff..

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