Talentworks, buses and the Oxford Bishop


So the Talentworks contract with Sloven is over. £5.5m of public money flushed down the toilet but at least that particular leak is plugged. Hopefully the National Audit Office will scrutinise the whole, grubby process and take action. £300k to £5.8m is simply scandalous. As is an ex-CEO doing a made up, very part time, job for nearly £250k.

Jim Mackey must be feeling a little bit hot around the collar given everything that’s unfolded. We couldn’t have clearer evidence that NHS Improvement are a waste of space. Appointing Tim Smart who bizarrely refused to engage with what was under his nose (or families), gave an ailing and flailing board a clean bill of health then resigned without notice, was not a good move.

In other news, it was the inauguration ceremony of the new Bishop of Oxford earlier. The buses were pretty much backed up to the ring road but there was a real buzz among strangers on the High Street who wanted to know what was going on.  I suspect there was a similar buzz among Sloven staff this afternoon. And a huge sense of relief that they would no longer have to endure mandatory Going Viral nonsense.

Onwards and (hopefully) upwards.



4 thoughts on “Talentworks, buses and the Oxford Bishop

  1. the latest news sounds like a new beginning for everyone it really does. First aid applied at long last. Where the NAO leads the Health and Safety Exec can follow .

    • Four of us held a constructive meeting with the NAO on Thursday and provided more evidence: limited to what we can disclose owing to nature of allegations.

      Then went on to NHSI Board Meeting, where we were joined by two others (one of whom had attended an NHS England board meeting that morning.) Three meetings in one day by splitting our resources – makes the cost of a journey to London worthwhile.

      Watch the recording of the NHSI Board when published and judge for yourself how much its CEO and Chairman welcomed questions relating to Sloven! Fast forward to public questions to avoid the boring bits. Be writing up more on own blog in due course but am prioritising work that is more likely to produce results, whilst keeping Sara posted if she wishes to use anything.

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