The Shaw Report

Start writing a book with determination. A new evening activity. This means digging out all the FOI stuff, documents, reports and paperwork. It feels like the right timing given LB’s inquest started a year ago today. Two harrowing weeks, a jury determination of neglect and no action. Still.


Revisiting these documents (post LB’s death, I can’t bear to return to the earlier stuff yet), in the light of what has unfolded is pretty revelatory. I just wanted to single out one of the many individuals who have stuck with the campaign from the start here. Graham Shaw. Graham, the CEO of the DIPEx Charity until a couple of years ago, has consistently written letters about what’s happened. To all those implicated. Incredibly sharp and dripping in sense, his letters generate responses.

This one, written to Jeremy Hunt in April 2014 was prophetic really.



The Sloven Head of External Communications responded in a tawdry and deeply inappropriate way asking [redacted] to “support the drafting of any response to Mr Shaw” [16.4.4 13:46].¬†Extraordinary evidence of the blurring of boundaries and positioning of NHS trusts as above questioning.

Here is the unfolding exchange. About as Stinky McStink as you get really, particularly given the timing of the responses and redactions. Emails 3 and 4 probably hold some significant clues to the continued lack of action against Percy and the board.







Two and a half years ago.

A year and a half before LB’s inquest.

No words really. Other than Graham Shaw, we salute you. Keep writing the letters matey.

4 thoughts on “The Shaw Report

  1. Sara

    Do write it all. For you and for Connor and all the other boys and girls ? And for the powerful people who can stop it happening to other families

    Re a stage play – there are many excellent local groups of talented actors all of whom have learning disabilities.- such as the brilliant ‘ Friendly Bombs’ theatre group. (see their web site) all are supported and directed by fantastic actors and dramatists. …………Just one other idea …

  2. hard to articulate without referring to such private matters and potentially giving offence but ‘ scenes ‘ played out reading the inquest tweets. Such powerful images and stomach churning thoughts. The first mention that the door was locked , Connor having suds piled on his head and the constant nagging question of what is the time ? and where is everyone ? Just the staff, the bathroom and a huge ticking clock that no one seemed to be aware of . A stage play using the words spoken would be incredibly powerful.

  3. How about a book that is a play, and then a stage play – both?
    How about a collection of plays in a book, with others’ stories alongside yours. It seems that some of us are already writing – on paper or in our heads.
    I know we started 6 years ago – with fantasy stories alongside the real story – the real story was too much trauma, and the fantasies added something positive (even though there were only fantasies).
    A play on the radio can be very effective too.

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