The farm and the alpacas

On Saturday we decided to go and visit the farm/cafe/campsite that LB works at with his sixth form, two days a week. It was near a local village.  We set off, got to the village and there was a sign to the farm. Easy peasy.

“What animals has the farm got, LB?” asked Tom, sitting in the back of the car with him.
“Alpacas”, replied LB.
“Alpacas???” we spluttered.
“Has it got any sheep?” asked Richy.

We kept driving along the narrow lane and reached another village. Weird.

“Are we going the right way, LB?” I asked.

We carried on driving till we reached a crossroads.

“Which way now, LB?”
“This way,” he said, vaguely pointing to the left.

Five minutes later we crossed back over the dual carriageway.

“This can’t be right…” Richy said, “We’re nearly back to Homecity”.
“Is this the right way, LB?” I asked, beginning to chuckle.
“Yes, Mum.”
“Are we near it, LB?” asked Richy, getting exasperated.
“Dunno,” said LB.
“I can’t believe we can’t find it”, I said, “there was a sign way back..”
“I can’t believe we can’t find it when we’ve got the bloke who works there in the car with us,” growled Richy.
“Which bloke?” asked LB.

Alpacas at the farm

Reversing the car

I got a copy of LB’s medical records at the end of last year.  It’s a mixture of letters, reports, results and comments and is peculiar reading. The number of different diagnoses he had, over the years, is a bit of a surprise, and the earlier use of language is a bit shocking. The ‘Chinese whispers’ effect is also interesting; the story shifts with different professionals. That is a bit disappointing considering a major bugbear for most parents I know, is the constant repetition of the basic background details. I wonder at what point, in the doctor patient communication, those details go awry.  Continue reading