Nanny McPhee and the supermarket sweep

In addition to reversing the car, supermarkets were always a no go area with LB.  He would turn into some character from a horror film with blood-curdling screams that penetrated every aisle.  My strategy, if I couldn’t avoid the trip, was to grab, squash, snap and sweep*.  (Grab (LB), squash (him into the trolley seat), snap (the straps shut) and supermarket sweep).

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Reversing the car

I got a copy of LB’s medical records at the end of last year.  It’s a mixture of letters, reports, results and comments and is peculiar reading. The number of different diagnoses he had, over the years, is a bit of a surprise, and the earlier use of language is a bit shocking. The ‘Chinese whispers’ effect is also interesting; the story shifts with different professionals. That is a bit disappointing considering a major bugbear for most parents I know, is the constant repetition of the basic background details. I wonder at what point, in the doctor patient communication, those details go awry.  Continue reading