Lorry heaven and teatime

“…. and there’s two! Two Scania’s… Ahhhhh.. lorry heaven. I’m in lorry heaven. Oh my god! It’s got my name on it!!!”
“LB, can we talk about something else at teatime? Something me and Tom are interested in?”
“But I love lorries Mum. I’m in lorry heaven Mum.”
“I know. But just while you eat your tea. Talk about something else to be sociable.”
“Sociable Mum? I don’t want to be sociable Mum.”
“Why not? You were obviously sociable last week on your school trip.”
“I know Mum. But that’s because there were people to talk to Mum. People to be sociable with Mum.”
“Well be sociable with us!”
“Ok Mum. Sorry Mum. I’ll be sociable Mum.”
“Do you like lorries Mum?”

LB’s speech

LB was a school camping trip* last week. He’d prepared a speech but I had to get him just before the end presentations. So here it is;

I liked talking to Becki.
I really liked telling everyone jokes.
My favourite part of the week was looking at the lorries in Dover. I was in lorry heaven.
Thank you and goodbye.

A cracking speech.

*Thanks Amy, Alex, Rachel, Kane and Vicki! Camping in torrential rain all week (and a 4am start for a day trip to France) is way beyond the call of duty. As usual.