LB’s speech

LB was a school camping trip* last week. He’d prepared a speech but I had to get him just before the end presentations. So here it is;

I liked talking to Becki.
I really liked telling everyone jokes.
My favourite part of the week was looking at the lorries in Dover. I was in lorry heaven.
Thank you and goodbye.

A cracking speech.

*Thanks Amy, Alex, Rachel, Kane and Vicki! Camping in torrential rain all week (and a 4am start for a day trip to France) is way beyond the call of duty. As usual.

Literally literal lives

This cartoon made me laugh my socks off because it brings back so many memories.  All those early pitfalls and unanticipated problems that spiralled from the tiniest bit of communication bijiggery*.

Like when Richy Rich took LB camping for a long weekend with some of the other kids. He was about five. Richy called from the beach on the Friday evening; all eating fish and chips, everyone having a fab time. So, so cool.  First thing in the morning LB got up and said “Home”. He’d camped. Job done. Continue reading

A commotion in the ocean

Sticking my toe back in the holiday thread. So many memories. Sigh.

Richy Rich regularly took a selection of the kids camping.  One time he had three of ’em, aged 6, 4 and 1.5.  On the Sunday, he took them to the beach at Highcliffe, near Bournemouth. They walked down the cliff path to the beach, dumped their stuff and ran into the sea. Instantly a big wave knocked Richy’s glasses off and swept them away.

Now Richy is like Vincent van Gopher without his glasses.  He can’t see squit-diddly.  This is not a good situation to be in with teeny tiny kids in the sea.

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