Of tits and trolls

Two hugely inflated ‘stories’. Pics of ‘royal tits’ for sale? I’m not condoning the practice at all, but really, if Will, that strange talking palace and the media had stopped banging on about em, would anyone have really cared? The photos can’t be untaken, and once in the public domain, will never disappear. Get over it*.

Then trolls. A ‘phenomenon’ that appeared with social media, particularly twitter. Interpreted by some as a form of cyber bullying which is serious, of course, but the label seems to be applied to any bit of tongue in cheek banter, or edgy comment, that before ‘trolls’ were constructed, would have been ignored. Twitter, handily, provides a tool for dealing with anyone who you might find offensive. The block button. Press it and move on.

*And maybe get on with something.