The punched ticket

Long, long week of grindingly vile news, including (in no particular order) Gaddafi coverage, Fox corruption, Dale Farm eviction and Ricky Gervais being a knob. But then I noticed this when I was sorting out my expenses;

How COOL is that?  The ticket person hole punched a witch on a broomstick on my train ticket.  I love it! I want to know if it’s a rogue operator, who sprinkles cheer among commuters across the year with custom punchers for different occasions, or whether Southeastern Rail have provided them.  Either way, thank you for making me chuckle and adding a bit of humour to the every day.  Lovely timing.



“Get off the bus, Missus”

“Hi, return to the railway station, please.”
“That’s £2.90”


“Hey Missus!  Missus! Missus! At the back of the bus!”
“Wha? Me? Sorry?”
“You’ve got to get off the bus!”
“You’ve got to get off the bus. I forgot I don’t go to the railway station.”
“Yeah, I only go this far and then head back. But don’t worry, I haven’t over-charged you or anything. It costs £2.90 to get this far anyway.”
“Oh, OK.”
“Have a nice day.”
“Yes, you too.”