Time is passing slowly. It feels as though we’ve been living this half life forever now. No one has had a bath since last Wednesday. I’m not sure I ever will. We’re wandering around bumping into memories present in every inch of our house. The pain is indescribable. But our grief is disrupted by officialdom.

LB is now badged a SIRI. Jargon haunts him even after his death. Why the fucking crapshite do the NHS/Social Services use so much jargon???

A SIRI is a Serious Incident Requiring Investigation which may generate media interest. Eh? What about the poor buggars whose ‘serious incidents’ aren’t likely to generate media attention? I don’t understand what difference it should make to the NHS if the ‘serious incident’ may generate media attention or not. Does it mean they pay extra attention to their (internal) investigation? Is there less (or more) likely to be a cover up? Is a head honcho dashing to take their suit to the dry cleaners, ready to make some bland, meaningless rote statement on some steps somewhere? Is the Trust busily smartening up the outside of the unit in case it gets papped?

Well they are right about this terrible, devastating, happening generating interest. It has generated shock, horror, sadness and rage among so many people we’re overwhelmed. This collective feeling has, in turn, generated offers of support and hardcore advice and information. LB would be delighted that the legal team is kicking in at last.

Just not about filling the dishwasher, sadly.