A post for Rosie

Rosie “I’m not going to spend my entire life reading your blog, Mum” got her A-level results this morning. 3A*’s.

I am so fucking proud of her.  Only LB and I were home when she went off to school to collect them.  I dragged him away from youtube for 20 seconds to say good luck to her.

Mutter mutter. “Good luck, Rosie”. Mutter mutter.
“What results is she going to get, LB?”
Mutter mutter. “Maths, Mum”. Mutter mutter.


After she called with the results, I had a little weep, called Richy and then told LB how well his sister had done.

Mum,” he replied, through gritted teeth, “I am telling you I am not stressed and the psychologist did not ban me from using youtube. He is criminally insane.” 

Well this ain’t about you LB. It’s about Rosie. Good for you, girl. You deserve it.