Choice and enthusiasm

Beginning to find our way around this choice issue with LB at last. Or just picking up the techniques we used for years before ‘choices’ were relayed through and monitored by a third person.  Yesterday I rang the unit and asked if LB wanted to go out somewhere today. Yes. Good.

This morning, after much thought and discussion with Rich about where to take him (we don’t want to go too far down the route of endless treats and no sniff of dishwasher-land), we agreed the bus museum would be a good plan. A ‘bus museum plus’ plan. A pleasure and pain model.

I picked him up from the unit at 12.

“Where do you want to go then LB?”
“Bus museum.”
“Ok. We’ll go to the bus museum. And then we’ll go to Sainsbury’s after to do the shopping.”
“Sainsbury’s after?”
“Yep. Bus museum followed by Sainsbury’s shopping.” End of.

Nearly four hours of watching mechanics and enthusiasts in action, with a vintage bus ride thrown in. And then a packed Sainsbury’s at closing time. All done joyously.

Don’t you just love buses?


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Waiting for the train

Some mornings I walk along to the station next to where I work to buy some lunch.  And photograph this space. I love the light, the patterns and what people are doing here. Spectacularly compelling. Well for me, anyway. But then I bloody love railway stations.

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Choice, Bond and bus tickets

Rang the Unit this morning to see if LB wanted to come to town with us and have some nosh out. He’d been to the farm on Friday and had been quite chilled over the weekend.

“Maybe. Maybe not,” was the answer. This means no. I rang back a bit later to see if he wanted us to get him anything.

“No, thank you,” he said to the staff member relaying the question.

“Can you ask him if he wants a t-shirt or a dvd, or anything?”

The answer was “DVD please.”

Rich, Tom and I went into town. Tom started chatting about when we’d gone to watch Skyfall with LB. I’d forgotten, but Tom remembered how LB had sat patiently in the dark waiting for the bright daylight fight scenes so he could read his bus ticket. Hilarious. Kind of.

There’s something here about choice and constraint. But also about difference and tensions around making sense of our lives and the social world we live in. I still think of LB as an unlikely ethnographer, but that doesn’t help us understand how he makes sense of his life. This remains a mystery really.


May Day, Magnolia and Magdalene Bridge

No buses across Magdalene Bridge this morning as it was closed to traffic for May Day celebrations. So it was a beautiful walk from St Clements, up the High Street. Past revellers on their way home.

A rare ‘Who will buy?’ morning.


Carfax, colour, sunshine and bubble gum

Carfax was a lively old space this morning. Sunshine, laughter, chatter and then a loud shout; “Oi! Stop eating that bubble gum!” The chunky hound under scrutiny assumed a “Who me?” expression. Soaking up the sunshine.


Reflections, symmetry and happenings

Came out of Charing Cross tube this morning to drenched streets and dazzling sunshine. Whoa. Must have completely missed a downpour. So pleased I was early enough for a cheeky little detour in Trafalgar Square before my meeting started. Nearly four hours later, the streets were dry and the sun had disappeared. But there were still interesting happenings. And the splendour of Paddington station to catch the train home. From platform 9.

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